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What is back pain? What to do with the fears that arise in a person diagnosed with the spinal disc herniation? How to deal with diseases of the spine and joints without drugs and operations? How to get rid of the crutches and immobility? How to pick up the key to one’s own health?

Doctor of medical sciences, S.M. Bubnovsky answer these and many other questions, based on his long-term medical practice and personal experience gained as a result of the treatment of the injuries experienced by him. S.M. Bubnovsky offers a brand new non-surgical treatment of spine and joints - KINESITHERAPY in which the patient him/herself is actively involved in his/her recovery thanks to internal reserves. The technique developed by him allows them to cope with the painful symptoms without the use of drugs, even in a state of the extremely neglected body, thereby restoring the full working capacity.

Kinesitherapy is a treatment using the proper movement together with treatment and rehabilitation simulators. The physician develops an individual treatment program to every person referred to the centre, but the protagonist of the treatment process is the patient.

Dr. Bubnovsky’s method of physical rehabilitation and functional recovery of patients has been recognized in the widest circles of the medical community. It is practically an alternative health care system, and today it allows treating not only acute and chronic diseases of the musculoskeletal system, but diseases of the cardiovascular system, gastrointestinal tract, urogenital system and others as well.

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Without the use of drug exposure
Without the use of surgical intervention
Treatment exclusively with the help movement


Яблонский Александр Ал...
Отличный персонал. Польза от занятий несомненная. Продолжу занятия. Буду рекомендовать многим....

Йовенко Галина Михайлівна
Я , пенсіонерка, мені 73 роки. Маю багато хвороб, але завдяки команді медичного центру Бубновс...

Обратился в медицинский центр с хроническим запущенным вопросом по спине. Уже после первых зан...

Левицкий Станислав Ана...
Обратился примерно два с половиной года назад из-за болей в пояснице. На тот момент я постоянн...

Руденко Олег Миколайович
Пройшов курс з 12 сеансів. Зараз проходжу другий курс. У мене – хвороба Бєхтєрєва. Значно покр...

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Добрий день моїй мама робили реакцію у Київ і і ставили штучний суглоб в лікоть лівої руки чи потрібно звернутись у ваш цент реабілітація і скіл...
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